Types of Issues I have experience with

Short term and long term relationship conflict



Acting out children and teens





Decision making

Divorce/blended families

Coping with stress

Issues of faith

Deepening understanding of oneself/Confidence/Self-esteem

Addictions (usually in conjunction with AA or a similar group)

Why Play Therapy?

I work with children in a play environment because that is the realm in which they think and live. They express themselves often in what and how they act more than words. Often the goals of counseling a child include helping them identify their feelings and find the words and ways to express what is brewing within. I have been known to use a game or two to help adolescents feel more comfortable, too.


I firmly believe a problem with a child or teen bleeds into family life and my philosophy is to include parents in treatment. You are the best resource for your child. Please expect this.